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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a strategy guide for elvenar?

It won’t be an Elvenar strategy guide, or a strategy guide for such a game, without this tip. When it comes to these titles, you are typically given quests or missions that you should complete in order to always be up to speed, with all the necessary buildings you need to have at any given time in the game.

Can I Use my Game Password to log into elvenar?

You won't be able to use your game password to log in here. Overview: Elvenar is a city building game where you manage resources and build a city of your choosing. You have to balance population with culture and have enough coins and supplies to buy these things. It is a strategy game of decisions!

What makes elvenar different from other MMORPGs?

Unlike the typical MMO Strategy, Elvenar will not focus on competition. They offer Fellowship system instead of the classic Guild-building concept. Therefore, you do not need to engage yourself with guild wars. Through our BlueStacks 4 Multi-Instance feature, you can play the same game on two or more separate windows using different accounts.

What are gold coins used for in elvenar?

Coin Storage – Gold Coins are your virtual currency for Elvenar. They are mainly used to purchase new buildings and also to buy upgrades. You can collect Gold coins in many ways. One of which is through tax collection. You also earn coins by helping your fellow players or by completing your quests.

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