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Frequently Asked Questions

Is elvenar easy to play?

Elvenar is easy to play and fun. The city building is quick to understand and the game offers a friendly introduction that helps players to understand the game mechanics. The community is friendly and active. Everything you need is there for you to have a good time.

What is your review of del elvenar?

Elvenar started off a wonderfully pleasant, benign, slow paced game where you could build your city gradually and at your own pace.

What is elvenar MMO?

Elvenar is a city-building strategy MMO set in the fantasy world of Elvenar, ancient and untouched for centuries. Players pick from Human or Elven civilization to build and support a grand city as its ruler, managing resources and training up an army to grow a great new empire.

What's new in elvenar?

New things to explore in Elvenar, with updates every two weeks. - A new option to re-roll your Daily Rewards will be introduced for future events. Go on your magical journey in Elvenar today! New things to explore in Elvenar, with updates every two weeks.

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