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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a sales representative do?

Sales representatives are responsible for selling a company's products by identifying leads, educating prospects on products through calls, trainings, and presentations, and providing existing customers with exceptional support. Sales representatives are either inside or outside sales reps.

What is the job description of an electronic sales associate?

The job description of electronic sales associates involves interacting with customers to ensure increased product sales. He/she educate newly hired retail sales associates as well as customers on the products offered by the store.

How do I advertise a sales representative job?

When you advertise a sales representative job, you should post a sales job ad that tells candidates what the position will be like at your company. You can add to or expand on the sales job requirements and sales duties listed in our sales representative job description example to create...

What is the job description of a customer service representative?

They assist customers with their questions or complaints over-the-phone, through social media or online chat rooms. Their main job is to listen and sympathize with customers, draft complaints or feedback statements and help customers obtain refunds or compensation. What are the daily duties of a Sales Representative?

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