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Frequently Asked Questions

How to improve your electronic music production quality?

Below you'll find 10 music production techniques and strategies you can implement in your home studio to help improve your production quality as a producer or beatmaker. Apply these electronic music production techniques as soon as possible to transform your mixes from amateurish to a more professional sound. 1. Use Good Source Sounds

What are the 15 best music production tips?

The 15 Music Production Tips: 1 1. The Producer, Not The Gear, Makes The Music. A producer who doesn't know what he's doing cannot produce golden sound, even with the best gear on ... 2 2. Garbage In, Garbage Out. 3 3. Monkey See, Monkey Do. 4 4. S.O.S (Save Obsessively Silly!) 5 5. Close Your Eyes To Open Your Ears. More items

What are the three key skills of electronic music production?

Electronic music production can be split into three key skills or “actions.” Creation. Arrangement. Refinement. In short, electronic music production is the creation, arrangement, and refining of sounds and musical ideas. Let’s look at each of these individually.

What do I need to make electronic music?

You need to use a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to make electronic music. The most popular DAWs are Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Logic Pro (OSX only). There are others, but my recommendation to new producers is to pick one of these three.

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