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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you need to produce electronic music?

Now, a DAW and headphones are the bare minimum needed to produce electronic music. I call this the “Minimum Viable Studio” setup. It’s enough to learn the basics of production and begin writing your own original music. However, there is plenty of other gear and software that will help you to produce.

What does an electronic music producer actually do?

I mean electronic music producers typically take care of every step in the process, from writing the initial idea, to the arrangement, to production, to sound design, and finally to mixing and mastering. Not everybody is outsourcing an engineer, and if they do, it’s usually for mastering only.

What do you need to start a music production business?

All you really need is a MIDI controller of some sort (to play your keys and your beats) and a decent pair of headphones or speakers. If you want to record live sounds such as vocals or guitar, you’ll also need an audio interface and a microphone to get those sounds into the computer. Do you need high-end studio speakers? Not necessarily.

Can anyone make electronic music?

You don’t have to already be a musical prodigy to learn how to make electronic music. With enough practice, anyone can make electronic music! But first you have to decide what kind of electronic music you want to make. Start with acoustic instruments then create electronic backing tracks?

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