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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do you need to produce electronic music?

Now, a DAW and headphones are the bare minimum needed to produce electronic music. I call this the “Minimum Viable Studio” setup. It’s enough to learn the basics of production and begin writing your own original music. However, there is plenty of other gear and software that will help you to produce.

Should I buy Analog or digital music equipment first?

Buy analog gear to start with. bYou may expand if you want, but then you might run into some issues, such as being stuck with what you have. You might not be able to record what you do or edit it. The option of finishing songs becomes a bit tricky. My suggestion for you is to have a cycle of acquisition for electronic music equipment.

Why do recording studios have so much equipment?

The reason that studios have all of that gear is so they can record bands and sometimes even orchestras. If you're writing music on your computer, copious amounts of recording equipment is unnecessary.

Why buy Analog audio gear?

Because according to many of the best ears in the business…analog gear still sounds better than any plugin. As such, many of us “normal” guys blow absurd amounts of cash on a single purchase that may (but probably won’t) be that one missing ingredient we’ve been searching for.

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