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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make electronic music on Android and iOS?

Today, you are able to make electronic music anywhere, on every smart device. Be it a full-fledged production studio or a fun synthesizer to bang out some chords on, Android and iOS have you covered.

What are the best free music making apps?

Ardour. Recording, cutting, editing, and mixing has never been easier. This free music maker dubbed Ardour is a great way to skyrocket your music career from the bottom to the top in no time. The app consists of a wide variety of tools and plugins that earned it a seat among the best free music making DAWs on the planet.

What is an electronic music stand?

It's designed for tablets and touchscreen, but also runs on laptops, phones and desktop computers. It turns these systems into electronic music stands. There are a large number of ways to display the sheet music, various functions for annotation, page turning and music library.

What is musicalmusicreader?

MusicReader is a full sheet music solution for making reading and managing sheet music easy. Our digital music stand software offers various solutions for musicians, both individually and in orchestras and ensembles.

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