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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you choose synaptic over Elan touchpads?

It’s unclear what the reason might be however I am unimpressed with driver support period. Synaptic is a universally established driver which is capable of being downloaded directly from their own website. I would prefer Synaptic based touchpads over Elan unless they begin offering their own driver support at their site.

Is Dell touchpad a Synaptics input device?

Here, we can see that a device labeled simply “Dell Touchpad” is in fact a Synaptics input device. If you have a “Synaptics” device, download the Synaptics driver package from Lenovo. If you have an “ELAN” device instead, download the ELAN driver from Softpedia.

What is the best touchpad driver for Windows 10?

If your hardware is Elan, Synaptics then install the Elan Touchpad driver. It has almost all features of Windows Precision Driver with a nice user interface as well. If your touchpad supports standard Windows precision drivers, then use the same. Windows will take care of the hardware functionality.

What are the defects of the Elantech touchpad?

Now I got an Elantech. And it is such a piece of .... Here is a list of defects: + the touchpad misses finger movements (it does not sense the finger as the previous touchpads were capable of); +it also misses clicks / double clicks - the timing is awful.

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