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Frequently Asked Questions

Is El Camino Real a real road?

This road is part of the original highway which later served stagecoaches and then was paved as part of the original US 101 highway. The route through San Mateo and Santa Clara counties is designated as State Route 82, and some stretches of it are named El Camino Real.

What is the history of the El Camino?

A map produced in 1920 shows the earliest origination of "El Camino Real in Baja California as it existed in 1769 before its later extension into Alta California. Between 1683 and 1834, Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries established a series of religious outposts from today's Baja California and Baja California Sur into present-day California.

What are some examples of Caminos Reales?

Examples of such roads ran between principal settlements throughout Spain and its colonies such as New Spain. Most caminos reales had names apart from the appended camino real. Once Mexico won its independence from Spain, no road in Mexico, including California, was a camino real.

Where is the mission on the Camino Real?

While driving along the official "commemorative route" of the Camino Real, the most visible Mission today would probably be the Mission San Miguel, located in the unincorporated village of San Miguel, just off Highway 101 on the Salinas River. El Camino Real is designated as California Historical Landmark #784.

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