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Frequently Asked Questions

What are facts about El Camino de Santiago?

Here are five facts about the Camino de Santiago: 1. The Camino de Santiago can refer to any of a number of routes to the shrine of St. James the Greater The shrine of St. James the Greater is located at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain. 2. The Camino de Santiago is often referred to by its English names

What is the best route for the Camino de Santiago?

There are eight main Camino de Santiago pilgrimage routes in Spain: Camino Frances – the busiest route. Via de la Plata – the longest Camino. Camino del Norte – along the sea. Camino Ingles The English Road – the shortest Camino. Camino Portugues, (finishes in Santiago de Compostela but starts in Portugal). Camino Primitivo.

What is the history of the El Camino de Santiago?

History of El Camino de Santiago. El Camino de Santiago came to being due to the belief that the apostle Saint James was buried in the land of Galicia, in the northwest of Spain. Saint James spent some years preaching the Gospels in the Iberian Peninsula, and in fact he is the patron saint of Spain.

What is the distance of the El Camino de Santiago?

For anyone who has never heard of it, the Camino De Santiago is a 790 km (500 miles) pilgrimage across the country of Spain (including it’s mountains).

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