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Frequently Asked Questions

How many species of Euphorbia are there?

Species ca. 2000 (139 in the flora): North America, Mexico, West Indies, Bermuda, Central America, South America, Eurasia, Africa, Atlantic Islands, Indian Ocean Islands, Pacific Islands, Australia. Euphorbia is one of the two or three most species-rich angiosperm genera worldwide.

Is Euphorbia pulcherrima a native plant?

Euphorbia is best known for its ornamental taxa, in particular E. pulcherrima Willdenow ex Klotzsch (the Christmas poinsettia), a native of Mexico. This species is widely grown throughout the flora area but has not become naturalized.

Is Euphorbia pistillate or unisexual?

As with all Euphorbiaceae, the flowers of Euphorbia are unisexual, but in contrast to most other members of the family, they are extremely reduced. The pistillate flower comprises a single, perianth-less ovary, and the staminate flower comprises a single perianth-less stamen.

Can you grow Euphorbia in pots?

Euphorbia “Diamond Frost” has in recent years become a popular cultivar to grow in pots or flowerbeds. Its progenitor, E. graminea, is introduced in the flora area and appears mainly associated with plantings in several southern states.

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