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Frequently Asked Questions

What are image effects in Unity?

Image effects in the Unity game engine can have a big impact on the look of your game. A bloom effect can turn harsh lighting into a warm sunny day, or an effect like color correction can make a landscape look toxic and irradiated. I use image effects to create an early morning sunrise look.

How do I use visual effects in the Unity editor?

See in Glossary, light sources, and other elements of your game. This section provides information on the visual effects available in the Unity Editor. To access the visual effects available in the Unity Editor, select the item in the Hierarchy window that you wish to apply the effect to, then in the Inspector window go to Add Component > Effects.

How to add sound effects in Unity 3D?

Unity 3D: Adding Sound Effects to Game 1 Audio Listener. This is a component that's automatically attached to the main camera every time you create a scene. ... 2 Audio Source. This is the component that's actually responsible for playing the sound. ... 3 Adding your Own Sound Effects. ... 4 Unity 3D: Adding Sound Effects Summary. ...

What are post-processing effects in Unity?

Lance Talbert demonstrates how to use post-processing effects in Unity to change the game. You may have heard the term “post-processing” before, but what does that mean? In the context of images and video, it is the application of various visual effects to improve the visual elements of an image.

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