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Why was the Treaty of Versailles soo bad for Germany?

The biggest negative effect of the Treaty of Versailles was on Germany. The treaty helped lead to German problems in at least two ways. Economically, it saddled Germany with a huge debt in the form of war reparations. This forced Germany to borrow money from the United States in order to pay.

What did the Treaty of Versailles do to destroy Germany?

The Treaty of Versailles punished Germany by taking away territories and overseas colonies, reducing the size of the nation's army and forcing Germany to pay reparations. Essentially, Germany was forced to take the blame for World War I.

What effect did the Treaty of versailleshave on Germany?

Treaty of Versailles Provisions of the Versailles Treaty. Germany lost 13 percent of its territory, including 10 percent of its population. ... Impact of the Treaty. The harsh terms of the peace treaty did not ultimately help to settle the international disputes which had initiated World War I. Stab-in-the-Back Legend. ...

How did the Treaty of Versailles affect Germany economically?

It was not so much the Treaty of Versailles that affected Germany's economic and political status, it was the loss of World War I that affected Germany's status. Germany before World War I was the dominant economic and military power in Europe. And Kaiser Wilhelm II decided to use it destroy perceived threats from Tsarist Russia and France.

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