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Frequently Asked Questions

What were the effects of World War 1 on Germany?

World War 1 had the biggest devastating effect on Germany.The Allies blamed Germany for the war as a result Germany were ordered to sign the Treatyof Versailles drawn by the Allies. The treaty imposed huge reparation on Germany which included destruction caused by the war, and pensions for millions of Allied soldiers.

What was the effect of the Cold War on Germany?

The positive effects that the Cold War brought to Germany were mostly western influenced originated. The new idea for a switch of government from a dictatorship to a more of a democracy was one of the major positive effects that Germany faced.

How did nationalism effect Germany?

Nationalism affected Europe during the 19th century by making Europeans feel superior to other countries and governments, which led to the unification of both Germany and Italy, with Russia moving towards modernization and with France moving towards liberalism.

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