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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best definition of effect?

ef·fect. (ĭ-fĕkt′) n. 1. Something brought about by a cause or agent; a result. 2. The power to produce an outcome or achieve a result: The government's action had little effect on the trade imbalance. 3. Advantage; avail: used her words to great effect in influencing the jury.

What is the Google effect and how does it work?

The Google effect is sometimes referred to as digital amnesia, which is an overarching term that refers not only to pieces of information that can be found on the internet but also information that is accessible on digital gadgets.

What does after effect mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of aftereffect. 1 : an effect that follows its cause after an interval the aftereffects of surgery. 2 : a secondary result especially in the action of a drug coming on after the subsidence of the first effect. Keep scrolling for more.

What does effect mean in 1st grade English?

1. outcome, issue. Effect, consequence ( s ), result refer to something produced by an action or a cause. An effect is that which is produced, usually more or less immediately and directly: The effect of morphine is to produce sleep.

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