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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Edwards Aquifer important to San Antonio?

For over two centuries, San Antonio and many other cities in the surrounding region were able to grow and prosper without developing surface water or other water resources because of the Edwards Aquifer. In recent decades, demand for water in the region has increased well beyond the Aquifer's capacity to provide for a growing population.

Where does San Antonio’s drinking water come from?

The Edwards Aquifer is a massive underground reservoir and the source for over half of San Antonio’s drinking water. The Edwards Aquifer is made up of intensely faulted and fractured carbonate limestone.

How do I contact the Edwards Aquifer program?

Contact Us – E-mail the Edwards Aquifer Program staff at [email protected] or talk with staff in the TCEQ Austin Regional Office at 512/339-2929 or the San Antonio Regional Office at 210/490-3096. How are we doing? Take our customer satisfaction survey

How big is the Edwards Aquifer?

The recharge and artesian areas of the Edwards Aquifer underlie the six counties south and east of the Balconces fault escarpment. The aquifer underlies approximately 3,600 square miles, is about 180 miles long from west to east and varies from 5 to 30 miles wide.

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