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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Edwards Aquifer important to San Antonio?

For over two centuries, San Antonio and many other cities in the surrounding region were able to grow and prosper without developing surface water or other water resources because of the Edwards Aquifer. In recent decades, demand for water in the region has increased well beyond the Aquifer's capacity to provide for a growing population.

What is the sales tax for Edwards Aquifer Protection?

The sales tax collected to support the Edwards Aquifer Protection venue in 2015 was set at $100 million with $10 million set-aside for water quality protection zones in urban areas of Bexar County. The sales tax is collected until the set amount for each project has been earned.

How do I build on the Edwards Aquifer?

Before building on the recharge, transition, or contributing zones of the Edwards Aquifer, you must first have your plan reviewed and approved by the TCEQ Edwards Aquifer Protection Program. Once a plan is approved, the site will be monitored for compliance.

How does rainfall affect the San Antonio aquifer?

Rainfall enters the aquifer through fractures, caves, sinkholes and other features and replenishes the aquifer. However, rapid growth and development continue to impact the aquifer, reducing the number of recharge features needed to maintain San Antonio's primary water resource.

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