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Frequently Asked Questions

Does EDTA or PTT affect PT?

Hi, Dr. Sharma, it appears that the PT is less prolonged by EDTA than the PTT. The clot-based factor VII assay is based on the PT, thus the results, though unreliable, are somewhat less affected than assays performed using the PTT.

What is EDTA used for?

As a non-pharmacologic agent, EDTA is used in many different industries to remove toxic metal ions. It is commonly used in the cosmetic and food industry and has many applications within scientific laboratories. [1] Lead Poisoning Currently, EDTA is FDA-approved for the treatment of lead poisoning in adults and children.

Can EDTA plasma be used for prothrombin time tests?

Prothrombin time (PT) tests usually are performed on blood collected with citrate. Because blood samples for other common tests use EDTA as anticoagulant, the use of EDTA plasma for PT tests could be convenient, and we wished to explore this possibility.

What is the molecular composition of EDTA?

The molecular composition of EDTA consists of multiple oxygen molecules, which function to donate electrons and form coordination complexes with metal ions. When calcium disodium edetate binds to metals, the calcium is displaced from the structure.

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