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Frequently Asked Questions

Was Ed Sheeran's game of Thrones cameo bad?

Ed Sheeran makes a cameo in Netflix's Red Notice that hilariously mocks his disastrous appearance on hit HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones. Ed Sheeran's surprise appearance in Red Notice admits that his Game of Thrones cameo was bad.

Did Arya Stark hang with Ed Sheeran?

Ed Sheeran in Game of Thrones . Photo: HBO In Sunday night’s Game of Thrones premiere, Arya Stark took some time out from brutally murdering those who harmed her family to indulge in a slightly more innocent pursuit: hanging with Ed Sheeran! (Actress Maisie Williams is a real-life fan .)

Who played Eddie in game of Thrones?

Sheeran played the role of Eddie in Game of Thrones season 7, episode 1, "Dragonstone." Eddie was a member of the Lannister army that Arya encountered when traveling through the Riverlands. While Sheeran's character sang "Hands of Gold," Arya joined them at the camp before sharing their distaste for King's Landing.

Did Ed Sheeran mock his got cameo in red notice?

Based on the show's history of using musicians as guest stars, Sheeran's presence wasn't a complete surprise, but the cameo didn't go as well as the singer had hoped. Luckily, the singer/songwriter has since been able to have a good sense of humor about the failed acting role, as Sheeran mocked his GOT cameo in Red Notice.

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