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Frequently Asked Questions

What Hallmark Movies has Asner Asner been in?

Appearing in several Hallmark movies, Asner was nominated for an Emmy® for the Hallmark Original Movie “The Christmas Card.” He also received an Emmy® nomination for his outstanding guest appearance on “CSI:NY.”

What is the plot line of the Hallmark movie A Christmas Carol?

(That seems the major plot lines for Hallmark Movies) Its about "Love" and taking chances. In this film a soldier on leave (John Newton) visits a small town and falls for the woman (Alice Evans) who wrote a well-wishing card to the troops.

What is the movie The Christmas card about?

“‘The Christmas Card’ is the story of Cody Cullen, a career soldier who is deeply touched by an anonymous holiday card he receives while serving in Afghanistan. When he returns to the United States, he treks to the picturesque California town of Nevada City, from which the card originated.

What do you think about the Christmas movies?

As far as Christmas-themed movies go, the scenery here is as picturesque as a card would look and takes on another character of its own. The story never drags; the cast is definitely tight and truly caring about family life, love, and loyalty.

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