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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get EBT cash benefits?

Because the TANF funds are provided to you not by the federal government directly, but by your state, the process for getting EBT cash benefits and the EBT card will vary depending on where you’re located. Usually, you can apply over the phone or online. Get started by finding the TANF program within your state that’s closest to you.

When do EBT cards reload?

Look at your EBT card. The last digit on the card is the day the card reloads each month, so if your card ends in a 1, the card reloads on the first (12:01am). If your card ends in 0, it reloads on the 10 of the month.

How to apply for an EBT card online?

Navigate to your state's participating application website. The U.S. Department of Agriculture carries a link on its website containing links to each participating state's EBT application processes page (see Reference). Register for a free account through the state's website if you are required to do so.

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