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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a guitar bag or case?

Here on eBay, you can find bags and cases to fit a range of different guitars from electric, classical to acoustic guitars . Soft guitar bags are produced by most major guitar and music equipment companies such as TGI, Rio, and Stagg.

What are the different types of guitar cases?

Many cases consist of a molded hardshell case that is padded with foam on the inside to prevent scratching or damage. However, there are many different types that will work with several guitar shapes. Some different types of cases include these: Hardshell case: This consists of a fiberglass or wood body with a soft interior.

Do you have to take measurements for guitar cases?

Some manufacturers make deluxe accessory cases that are fitted to specific brands of acoustic guitars, so no measurements may be required. To find a properly fitted case, be sure to read the measurements carefully and compare them to your guitar. How much does a case weigh?

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