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Frequently Asked Questions

Is eBay a good site?

There are many advantages to using eBay as a platform to sell stuff. I think most vendors are drawn to this online auction site because of the following benefits. No special skills needed The first major perk you’ll encounter is how easy it is to get started selling on eBay.

What's most popular on eBay?

16 most popular items bought on eBay last year and how to make a profit from household objectsWatches. Watches were the most profitable item sold on eBay in the past year with £249.4m grossed from the sales of 5.7 million items between February 2021 and the same ...Bikes. ...Fabric. ...Tables. ...Women's dresses. ...Dumbbells. ...DVDs. ...Headphones. ...Men's T-shirts. ...Women's boots. ...More items...

What are the best online shopping sites in the USA?

Best Online Shopping Sites in the USA: Amazon. eBay. Craigslist. Walmart. Homedepot. HY Supplies Inc. Target. Wish.

How to get started selling on eBay?

Describe your item as if there were no pictures, and photograph your item as if there was no description.Read a book on selling before you get started.eBay is not a get-rich quick scheme. At best, eBay is a get-rich-slow scheme. ...Do not open an eBay account to sell your iPhone or designer handbag. ...

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