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Frequently Asked Questions

Is eBay app still available on Windows?

eBay app was pulled from App Store. The company has also discontinued the support for those who still have the app installed. If Windows Store tells you to update it – don’t waste your time – it’s over for eBay app on Windows platform.

How do I download the eBay app?

Downloading the eBay app. To download the eBay mobile app on iOS devices: Go to the App Store on your Apple device. Search for "eBay". Select Get and then Install. To download the eBay mobile app on Android devices: Go to the Android Market or Play Store on your device. Search for 'eBay'. Select Install.

Is there a free app for Windows 11?

Features and app availability may vary by region. * Some apps shown coming later. Certain apps only available through Microsoft Store app in Windows 11. 1 Apps, games, and other content/subscriptions sold separately; free apps may contain ads or in-app purchases.

How do I shop on eBay?

You can shop for items on the eBay app the same as you would on the site. Simply enter your keywords into the search bar on the app home screen and tap the Search button. You can tap the Sort or Filter options to narrow down your search results Hide Sort & Filter - This will hide the blue filter button shown on search results page

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