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Frequently Asked Questions

What is duty drawback scheme in India?

The government has declared the duty drawback scheme India for a significant number of export items after assessing the average incidence of Customs, Central excise charges, Service Tax and transaction costs incurred by the export products.

Who is eligible for duty drawback?

To be eligible, you must be the legal owner of the goods at the time the goods are exported. Duty drawback is available on most goods on which customs duty was paid on importation and which has been exported.

What is a duty drawback on export?

A duty drawback scheme is a refund on duties, taxes and fees paid on imported goods that are later exported as unused or as a finished product. Drawbacks had been added via way of means of CBP to lessen prices and incentivise exports – spurring the economy. Q: In the case of export, what is the duty drawback on export?

What is brand rate of duty drawback?

The Brand Rate of Duty Drawback is allowed in cases where the export product does not have any AIR of Duty Drawback or the same neutralizes less than 4/5th of the duties paid on materials used in the manufacture of export goods. This work is handled by the jurisdictional Commissioners of Customs & Central Excise.

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