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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Durgin Park in Boston?

The original Durgin-Park, as well as the one in Copley Place, was included in an "old Boston" dining review by Alexander Theroux of The New York Times in 1985. In the late summer of 2010, Durgin-Park opened a beer garden in their basement bar, called "The Hideout".

What happened to Durgin-Park?

Remembering more than two centuries of old-fashioned Yankee cooking with a final meal at Boston landmark Durgin-Park. Just a few days into the new year, Durgin-Park’s parent company announced that the restaurant would be closing its doors on January 12.

Was durdurgin-park really 'established before you were born?

Durgin-Park, the stately old restaurant in Boston’s Faneuil Hall Marketplace, proudly boasts on its facade that it was “established before you were born.” The “you,” in this instance, could refer to anyone reading it, certainly, but also 26 American states and practically every present-day country in Africa and South America.

What is the menu for Durgin Park restaurant?

Menu for Durgin-Park Restaurant 1 Appetizers 2 Entrees. All entrees are served with potato and vegetable of the day. Herb Butter and Bordelaise Sauce add $2.95 3 Seafood 4 Vegetarian. Herb Butter and Bordelaise Sauce add $2.95 5 Sandwich & Wraps 6 Pasta & Vegetarian

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