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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Durgin Park in Boston?

The original Durgin-Park, as well as the one in Copley Place, was included in an "old Boston" dining review by Alexander Theroux of The New York Times in 1985. In the late summer of 2010, Durgin-Park opened a beer garden in their basement bar, called "The Hideout".

Is Durgin-Park closing after 200 years?

Durgin-Park, a Faneuil Hall stalwart, is preparing to close after almost 200 years. Durgin-Park is scheduled to close on Jan. 12. Erin Kuschner The first sign of trouble for Richelle Mazzone, a Durgin-Park bartender for over 30 years, came at the end of 2018.

What is durdurgin-Park doing at Logan Airport?

Durgin-Park also runs The HideOut Beer Garden, a comedy club and bar, in the basement. A second location of the restaurant opened in 2013 at Logan Airport’s Terminal E, though Weinstein said that Ark Restaurants merely leases out the name to this location.

What makes durdurgin-park so special?

Durgin-Park is a genuinely old restaurant, not a restaurant constructed to look old (It looks just like it did fifty years ago when I first went there.) The food is traditional, heavy and plentiful. I go there when I want to be reminded of old Boston and home cooking.

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