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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Dugald River Mine in Australia?

Dugald River Mine, Queensland The Dugald River zinc-lead-silver mine is situated 65km north-west of Cloncurry in Northern Queensland, Australia, and owned by MMG. It is one of the world’s biggest zinc-lead-silver deposits and comprises of high-grade minerals.

How is zinc mined and processed at the Dugald River Mine?

The deposit is mined underground using diamond drilling methods and the concentrates are treated on-site before they are shipped by rail from Cloncurry to the Port of Townsville. In 2020 alone, MMG produced 152,500 tonnes of zinc, 23,000 tonnes of lead and 1.58 million ounces of silver from the Dugald River Zinc mine.

Who is the proponent for the Dugald River Project?

The Minerals and Metals Group Pty Ltd (MMG) is the current proponent for the Dugald River Project. The project was previously owned by OZ Minerals Australia Limited. MMG proposed to develop a zinc, lead and silver metals mine located approximately 85 km north-east of Mt Isa and 60 km north-west of Cloncurry, in north-western Queensland.

What minerals are found in the Dugald River?

The mineralisation is mostly confined to the main lode and includes sphalerite, galena, pyrrhotite and pyrite. As of 30 June 2017, the Dugald River mine is estimated to contain 32.8 million tonnes (Mt) of mineral reserves graded at 11.9% zinc, 2.2% lead, and 44g/t of silver.

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