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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between DBS and DSAs?

DBS is widely used in database vulnerability detection in national level assessment institutions, state-owned enterprises and large institutions. DSAS is a comprehensive data security product, that can assists customers in assets locating, sensitive data usage.Widely used in government, education, medical, financial and other industries.

What should I look for when performing a database security audit?

Look for new database installations: • Specifically third party database installations. Search for users with DBA privileges: • This helps to detect intrusions, elevation of privileges, etc. Audit database configuration and settings: • If security configurations or settings are changed for instance by a system upgrade, patch, etc.

How to periodically audit database systems?

HOW TO: Periodically Audit Database Systems Check for object and system permissions: • Check views, stored procedures, tables, etc. permissions. Check file, folder, registry, etc. permissions. Changes on permissions could mean a compromise or mis-configuration. Look for new database installations:

How does a security administrator decide to audit a user?

Deter users (or others) from inappropriate actions based on that accountability For example, if some user is deleting data from tables, then the security administrator might decide to audit all connections to the database and all successful and unsuccessful deletions of rows from all tables in the database.

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