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Frequently Asked Questions

Do people think dsaf 4 is a counter argument?

READ THIS BEFORE ASKING ABOUT DSAF 4. (or any other stupid dsaf spinoff that isn't called dsaf 4, because yes, people think that's a counter argument.) So, I’m writing this quickly bc uhhh, well, I didn’t think I’d have to.

What year is dsdsaf set?

DSaF is a satirical play novel to the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise and the fanbase for it. However, unlike the first game from the FNaF series, this game is sent in 1987, while the original game seems to happen in 1993.

Are the textures and original content of dsaf copyrighted?

All textures, audio files, and original content goes to respective developers of the DSaF series. No copyright intended. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.

What are Your Top 10 favourite dsaf 1 themes?

1 Rickroll (DSaF 1 Title Screen) 2 Vivacity (DSaF 1 Day 1 Theme) 3 Unseen Horrors (Dave's Encounter Theme) 4 The Stripper (Foxy Yiff Yiff Yiff) 5 Parisian (Health Inspector Encounter theme) 6 Pop Goes The Weasel 7 Toreador - Music Box 8 Schubert's Serenade (Music Box) 9 All Star - Music Box More ...

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