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Frequently Asked Questions

What is dsaf 2?

This is our last chance, employee..." D (ay)s (hift) a (t) F (reddy's) II or DSAF 2, is the direct sequel to the in famous DSaF 1! Once again, you must survive a week as a suited worker at Freddy Fazbender's Pepperoneri in the year of 1987 (months after the events of DSaF 1!)

What year is dsdsaf set?

DSaF is a satirical play novel to the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise and the fanbase for it. However, unlike the first game from the FNaF series, this game is sent in 1987, while the original game seems to happen in 1993.

How do you get all the endings in dsaf?

DSAF Endings 1 Bono Ending. Finish the illegal level of the Breadbear game at the arcade and you will get the Bono ending. ... 2 Crafty Ending. This ending involves getting involved with Dave 's murder plan and killing the kids. ... 3 Gnarly Ending. ... 4 Mediocre Ending. ...

What are Your Top 10 favourite dsaf 1 themes?

1 Rickroll (DSaF 1 Title Screen) 2 Vivacity (DSaF 1 Day 1 Theme) 3 Unseen Horrors (Dave's Encounter Theme) 4 The Stripper (Foxy Yiff Yiff Yiff) 5 Parisian (Health Inspector Encounter theme) 6 Pop Goes The Weasel 7 Toreador - Music Box 8 Schubert's Serenade (Music Box) 9 All Star - Music Box More ...

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