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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect when you have a corneal transplant?

Once your cornea transplant is completed, you can expect to: Receive medications. Eyedrops and, sometimes, oral medications immediately after cornea transplant and during recovery will help control infection, swelling and pain. ... Wear eye protection. Eye shields or glasses protect your eye as it heals. Lie on your back. ... Avoid injury. ... Return for frequent follow-up exams. ...

What is a corneal transplant and how is it done?

What You Need to Know The cornea is the clear front part of the eye that allows light to enter. ... Corneal transplantation, or keratoplasty, replaces a severely damaged cornea with a donated one. Corneal transplantation can involve replacing the entire cornea or select parts of the cornea depending on the location of the damage. More items...

Why are corneal transplants so successful?

When an injury or disease damages your cornea, a corneal transplant may be able to restore or dramatically improve your vision. A corneal transplant is an outpatient procedure. Most corneal transplants have a favorable outcome, and success rates are rising as techniques and training methods improve.

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