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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Drugstore Mascara to try?

When you want your lashes to look unreal, this is the best drugstore mascara to try. It comes from Essence, a German brand that is cruelty-free, high-quality, and affordable. It has a traditional spoolie wand that is easy to control and manipulate, and offers a lot of volume and length, with just the right amount of separation.

What are micro wands used for in makeup?

These wands help separate your lashes for a clump-free, thicker appearance. Micro wands are tiny, straight mascara tools that make it easy to coat your lower lashes without smears or clumps. They are also good for applying a light coat of mascara to your upper lashes for a natural finish.

Is waterproof mascara the Good Stuff?

You know a waterproof mascara is The Good Stuff when it can last through an entire Nicholas Sparks movie, which is exactly what this drugstore formula did. The thin brush hooks on to every individual lash, giving you really fanned-out lashes. It didn't even clump when (spoiler) a major character in The Best of Me dies.

How much does Mascara cost at the drugstore?

While you’ll typically pay $20 to $30 for a luxury brand of mascara, the drugstore offers big savings on cosmetics. The least expensive brands cost around $5, but don’t expect the best performance from these mascaras. As a general rule, the drugstore brands with the best formulas, wands, and colors cost between $6 and $12.

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