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Frequently Asked Questions

What does mascara primer do?

“Mascara primer creates a smooth base by filling in the cracks and creating a smooth surface for the mascara, which ultimately looks like less clumping when mascara is applied.” Mascara primers that are meant to be used as a treatment and a primer are typically made of lash-loving ingredients such as keratin, biotin, or vitamin E. Mascara Primer Benefits. Both experts agree that mascara primer is brimming with lash benefits. Provides lash separation; Offers a thicker, more voluminous lash

What is the Best Mascara for full lashes?

The slim brush is perfect for catching even the smallest of lashes. Customers say it’s best for adding length for an every day look, rather than if you want to add volume for a night out. This mascara is lightweight despite giving a high volume finish. Picture: Myer.

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