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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Drugstore mascara brands?

From top brands like CoverGirl, Almay and more, these drugstore mascaras are beloved by beauty editors, Good Housekeeping Institute Beauty Lab testers, and online shoppers. Afterward, don't miss our full list of top drugstore beauty finds under $30!

How are drugstore Mascaras scored?

Each mascara was scored on a scale of one to five based on different tests that assessed wand design, lash separation and clumping, wear, ease of removal, and overall performance. Read on to learn more about the best drugstore mascaras on the market now.

Can you buy a Mascara at the pharmacy?

There are so many drugstore mascaras that can give you that coveted doe-eyed look. Whether you want thicker, longer, or fuller lashes, or you just want to add some va-va-voom to your look, there's something for you at your closest pharmacy.

Where can you buy Ree Drummond's Mascara?

But the best part about Ree's favorite mascaras are that they're all pretty affordable and can be found at most drugstores. Yes, you read that right, some of the best drugstore mascaras are in Ree's makeup pouch! (Same goes for drugstore eyeliner and drugstore lip gloss .)

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