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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new at Drifters wife?

The Drifters Wife kitchen is adept with fish. Once a tiny restaurant crammed inside a wine shop, this creative East Bayside bistro now has bigger digs and a more elaborate menu to match.

What happened to Drifters wife on Washington Avenue?

When Drifters Wife announced they were permanently closing the restaurant, the one ray of hope was they were “keep [ing] our beloved space at 59 Washington Avenue but need to re-imagine what’s inside”. Today they took the first step in that direction by rebranding their instagram account and website as Pigeons.

What's new at drdrifters wife?

Drifters Wife moved into the former Roustabout restaurant space, complete with a full kitchen. Now, chef Ben Jackson no longer has to cook with only a pair of induction burners and a small convection oven. Time for a pre-dinner drink?

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