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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Drifters?

Btooom! The Drifters are a league of exemplary warriors from across history - the samurai Shimazu Toyohisa, the ninja Nasu, a World War 2 pilot, an Imperial Japanese naval officer, and a host of others - brought to an alternate Earth to fight and destroy the Ends, a similar group who have decided to take over the Earth instead of protecting it.

What kind of manga is Drifters?

Drifters: Battle in a Brand-new World War, Drifters, orドリフターズ, is a fantasy, alternate history Japanese manga written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano. The manga started serialization in Shounen Gahosha magazine, Young King Ours, on April 30, 2009.

Will drifters get an anime adaptation?

In a survey by the Japanese website Anime Anime!, Drifters won fifth place among top 10 manga properties to have an animated adaptation. Riverworld, a book series with a similar concept.

What happened to Toyohisa in Drifters?

Shimazu Toyohisa (島津 豊久, Shimazu Toyohisa) is the main protagonist of Drifters. Historically, he died in 1600. When he first arrived in the new world, he was critically injured, only to be brought to the hideout of Nobunaga and Nasu by some young "elves".

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