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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Drifters episode 13 and 14 be released?

The Japanese channel Abema TV will air a digest video of Drifters (originally by Kouta Hirano) Episode 13 and 14 on 23 December 2017. Episode 13 and 14, a sequel to the TV anime series, will be released on a Blu-ray on 23 December 2017. In celebration, Abema TV is doing a special release called ‘the world’s earliest broadcast’.

Why was the anime Drifters made?

The anime was created to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Shonengahosha, the publisher of the "Drifters" manga. A Good and Unique Isekai With Historical Figures.

Is the music in Drifters any good?

Music 8/10. The music of this anime is good. It does not have the best nor does it have some of the best music. But, its still good to listen to. Overall my rating for Drifters is 7 out of 10. 7.7/10 i mean. What is the French language plot outline for Drifters (2016)?

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