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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Drifter a good song by Sylvia?

Sylvia's first # 1 hit on the country charts back in 1981. It was her second biggest hit after "Nobody" which was her only single to cross over to the pop charts. But "Drifter" is also a fantastic song which should not be missed. Category Music.

What kind of songs did Sylvia from nobody sing?

Although "Nobody" was Sylvia's only single to reach the Billboard pop charts, her other big country hits include "Drifter" (No. 1 Country, 1981), "Fallin' in Love", "Tumbleweed" and "Snapshot". In 1982, she was named Female Vocalist of the Year by the Academy of Country Music.

When did Sylvia release snapshot?

In 1982, Sylvia was the Academy of Country Music's "Female Vocalist of the Year" and a Grammy nominee for "Best Female Vocalist".In 1983 Sylvia's album Snapshot was released; its title song climbed to No. 5 on the Country charts and became her second-highest selling single release.

What was Sylvia's last country hit?

It was followed up by Sylvia's last top 40 country hit, "Nothin' Ventured, Nothin' Gained", from the unreleased album Knockin Around. The shelving of this album marked the end of Sylvia's tenure with RCA Records.

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