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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is drifter tackle?

It has been a long time Since 2003 Drifter Tackle has grown its family of brands to include Musky Mania, Esox Research Company (E.R.C.), Musky Mike’s Trolling Secrets, Loke Lures, and most recently Sennett Tackle. Drifter Tackle Inc. was built on the back of the famous Believer ®.

What is the best fishing net for musky?

Beckman Fishing Nets are dedicated to making some great fishing nets, and the Beckman BN3244S Fishing Net is the perfect size and quality for musky fishing. We recommend this particular model for Musky because of the size and net material. Hoop size is going to be 32″ x 44″ with a net depth of 40-inches.

Which Frabill net is best for musky?

One of the best choices you have from Frabill for Musky is the Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Net. What makes the Frabill Deep Knotless Conservation Net so great is it was designed for musky – and it was designed to be a lightweight one-man musky net that is easy to handle!

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