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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download Windows 11 version 2022 ISO?

Another way to download Windows 11 version 2022 ISO is through the Media Creation Tool. Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool (MCT) allows you to create bootable devices as well as download standalone ISO images of their operating systems. Follow these steps to learn how to use this tool: Download the Windows 11 Media Creation tool and then run the file.

What is windows 11 Pro ISO image?

What's Windows 11 Pro ISO Image? ISO Meaning: An ISO file, also known as an ISO image, is a file that contains all the installation files for a single program. How to Work: The Windows ISO image is for users that want to create a bootable installation media (USB flash drive, DVD) or create a virtual machine (.ISO file) to install Windows 11.

How to install Windows 11 version 22h2?

Windows 11, version 22H2 is available. Click Download & install in front of it. Download and install. Source: Microsoft The update will now begin to download and then install. When it completes, click Restart now to finalize the installation.

How to download Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO)?

Go to the official download site [ click this link ]. Under Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) drop-down, click on Windows 11 (multi-edition ISO) and hit Download. [There will be only one Windows 11 option since this works for both Pro and Home editions and is now the latest version of Windows 11]

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