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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an authentic copy of RHEL 9?

To get an authentic copy of RHEL 9, create a developer account with Take note of the username and passphrase you choose, as you'll need these later when registering your RHEL install. Once you have an account, download the Red Hat Enterprise Linux install ISO image.

Can I install RHEL on a virtual machine?

If you are in doubt, try installing RHEL in a virtual machine instead. [ Download the Linux commands cheat sheet. ] Once you insert the thumb drive to install, you might need to do some manual intervention to reboot to the Linux image on the thumb drive.

How do I access the Red Hat repositories?

The repositories are part of the DVD ISO image that is available for download from the Red Hat Customer Portal. Download and unpack the DVD ISO image to access the repositories. The following table contains information about the images that are available for the supported architectures. Table 3.1. Boot and installation images 3.2.

What happens if I Reboot my RHEL 8 system?

Upon rebooting, two things will be required of you, Firstly, you will be required to accept the License Agreement and later register your RHEL 8 system with Red Hat. 26. At this point, accepting the license agreement is what is crucial. The latter can be done later once we are done with the installation of the system.

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