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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an op auto clicker used for?

What is an op auto clicker? An op auto clicker 3.0 is a click automation tool that has the ability to automate mouse clicks. Basically, this free auto clicker tool is used to achieve a higher click rate. Moreover, mouse clickers allow users to customize click options on windows and you can use it as mac auto clicker also.

How do you use auto clicker 3?

How do you use Auto Clicker 3.0? To start the op auto clicker, click on the f6 button on the clicker window or you can press f6 key on the keyboard also. For more information click here. What are the best auto clickers for windows?

What is freefree auto clicker?

Free Auto Clicker, as the name suggests, is a free auto clicking software. It is similar in use to most auto clickers. This auto clicker also has a very user-friendly interface that helps gamers navigate the settings easily. It works on predetermined x- and y- coordinates, which help the auto clicker determine where it needs to click repeatedly.

What is click interval in op auto clicker?

With the help of click interval in op auto clicker, the user can set the click timing as per the need. Similarly, the user is able to set maximum clicks or unlimited clicks per the user decision.

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