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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a vcpkg for MinGW-w64?

PRs improving support are welcome! vcpkg includes x64, x86, arm64 and arm community triplets for Mingw-w64. They don't depend on Visual Studio and can be used natively on Windows as well as for cross-compiling on other operating systems. There are two variants of each triplet, selecting between static and dynamic linking.

Where can I find mingw-64 binary packages?

Sources for mingw-64 binary packages are easy enough to find, though. The binary packages themselves are in subfolders of this folder (Win32) and this folder (Win64). I'm not sure what the shortcuts the installer offers to create are for - this is MinGW-w64, not MSYS or MSYS2, so there's no bash-based shell to provide shortcuts to.

How to bootstrap MSYS2 MinGW?

The active subsystem is selected by running the MSYS2 MinGW app, or changed in a running terminal by The bootstrapping of vcpkg shall be done by running bootstrap-vcpkg.bat. This command will download the official vcpkg.exe. For building packages, you need to tell vcpkg that you want to use the mingw triplet. This can be done in different ways.

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