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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you insert an arrow symbol in word?

Insert Arrow Symbol. 1. Open the Word document (or Excel file ). 2. Go to Insert tab, click Symbol button on the right of the ribbon and choose More Symbols… in the menu. 2. Change the Font into Wingdings in the popping out Symbol window, scroll down till the end and you’ll find many different arrow symbols here.

What does down arrow mean?

Meaning of ⬇️ Down Arrow Emoji. Down Arrow emoji is an arrow pointing down. This emoji can be used to ask for directions. When used with a 🗺️ World Map emoji you can be asking someone which direction to go in next. You can also use the emoji to point at something. If you know someone who isn’t exactly a nice person, send this emoji with a 🔥 Fire emoji to show they’re probably not going to a nice place.

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