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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hopper really dead in Stranger Things?

Hopper seems pretty dead and gone. RIP the internets favorite daddy. But then, there is a quick post-credit scene that teases the next season of Stranger Things. It takes place somewhere in Russia, where two Russian guards bring a prisoner to a cage that's containing a Demogorgon from Season Two.

Why was hopper captured by the Russians?

As the season begins, we find Hopper in Russia and discover he was captured by the Russians following the lab explosion in the season 3 finale. Ever since being taken prisoner, Hopper had been plotting a plan to escape in hopes of making it back to those he left behind.

How did hopper escape the explosion?

Just when it looks like Hopper is done for, he escapes through the roof and sets off dynamite, causing an explosion that took out many of the approaching guards. This allowed him to make a run to a nearby snowmobile which he used to escape.

What happened to Hopper in Stranger Things 3?

Hopper is tormented by his past, suffering from PTSD after his tour in Vietnam and struggling to believe he deserves a second chance at life after the collapse of his marriage. That made his assumed death in Stranger Things season 3 all the more tragic.

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