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Frequently Asked Questions

What is docsynergy™ EHR?

MedUnison’s DocSynergy™ Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution was designed by physicians working with a variety of care providers to improve the quality of care and reduce costs in multiple healthcare settings.

What is docdocsynergy?

DocSynergy™, MedUnison’s software service and platform, is a highly secure, enterprise-level electronic health care system complete with an Electronic Health Record (EHR), ePrescribing, eMAR, scheduling tool, proprietary SmartForms clinical documentation technology, native telemedicine support and an interoperability engine.

Why docsynergy for akdoc?

Using DocSynergy the AKDOC Inmate Health Staff, across 12 facilities, will utilize a comprehensive electronic health record solution to improve the quality of care and the ability to share information between facilities, along with enhanced reporting capabilities.

Is docsynergy HIPAA compliant?

MedUnison developed the HIPAA compliant DocSynergy™ Electronic Health Record system to be a modular solution, and each of the key modules is fully functional on its own. Health Care organizations that are not yet ready to roll out a system-wide EHR can capitalize on the benefits of individual components of the system immediately.

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