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Frequently Asked Questions

What are doblons and how to get them?

Doblons are coins and treasures that dot the arena and that you collect to upgrade your ship. These doblons also increase your score. There are six types of them : The Bronze Coin gives $10 and 10 score and is a Bright Brown Coin. The Silver Coin gives $20 and 20 score and is a Bright Grey Coin.

What happened to the doblons subreddit?

This is the official subreddit for the online webgame [] ( You can post your suggestions, questions, discussions, etc here. The description is no longer true, the game is no longer being updated and the developer has deleted his Reddit account.

Is the boss in the center of the Doblon invisible?

The Boss in the center is invisible!!! I came back to this game after 2 years and sad to see that the game has become totally and completely dead with no players active. Hi, I just wanna know how can change my server pls, because once, no one are on this server and twice, santa maria is invisible so I can't beat him. Answer me please.

How do you upgrade your ship in doblons? has various items you can add and upgrade to make your ship even more powerful and deadly. A weapon can be added to your ship after you collect a certain amount of doblons. There are four different types of weapons, they are the front cannons, side cannons, deck cannons and rear cannons.

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