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Frequently Asked Questions

Is asylum by disturbed a good album?

Asylum has received positive reviews from music critics, averaging a score of 70 on the review aggregate website Metacritic and is the best reviewed album by Disturbed from critics.

What is the difference between disturbed indestructible and asylum?

Style and lyrical themes. The band's vocalist David Draiman stated in an earlier interview that he wanted Asylum to be a darker album, lyrically, than Indestructible, and mature themes for the album were inspired by several events that took place during Draiman's life in recent years. Draiman described the album as "still identifiably Disturbed,...

What is the meaning of the song'in the asylum'?

The title track has a dual meaning, with the concept of a person losing a loved one as both an asylum driving the person insane, as well as a place of comfort.

What makes disturbed such a good band?

The foundation may be set, but between David Draiman 's clear and concise, powerhouse vocals, which carry melodies (specifically on the choruses) that ricochet around convention like a pinball, and guitarist Dan Donegan 's tasteful, occasionally beautiful guitar work, Disturbed gets to have it both ways.

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