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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blockchain or distributed ledger technology?

But what exactly is a blockchain? A blockchain is a distributed ledger, similar to a database, but rather than being controlled by a central authority (i.e., a firm like Google, small company, or individual) the ledger is dispersed across multiple computers, which can be located all over the world and run by anyone with an Internet connection.

What is distributed ledger technology (DLT)?

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) is a database that exists in decentralized locations. It is used to record transactions of assets. Their details are recorded in multiple places at the same time. Unlike other systems, a distributed ledger has no central data store and no administration functionality.

What is the distributed ledger technology?

Distributed ledger technology refers to a digital system that records transactions related to assets. The transactions and other details are simultaneously recorded at numerous places. The database recorded through distributed ledger technology does not include an administration facility or central data storage.

What is Dag distributed ledger technology?

DAG Technology . A DAG is a distributed and decentralized system that can be used within distributed ledger technology. It has a different data storage method than other distributed ledger technologies. Its use is intended to improve speed, security and efficiency and to reduce cost.

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